The Real Estate industry is constantly evolving, with regulations that continuously change; creating new challenges and opportunities for the industry professionals. At New Dawn Chartered Accountants, our teams help you meet these challenges and explore new horizons, with global talent and the latest technologies. So, wherever you are, and wherever you want to go, we are there to help you.

For business owners and enterprises operating – or expanding – abroad, New Dawn Chartered Accountants have the national and international capabilities to provide all the support you need, including:

  • Accounting, audit and assurance
  • Financial reporting
  • Tax structuring, compliance and regulatory advice
  • Risk Management and due diligence
  • Corporate Finance / M&A
  • Business Consultancy
  • Strategic and operational support
  • Transaction advisory
  • Valuations
  • Real estate legal services
  • Liquidations / Insolvency / Corporate Restructuring
  • CSR advice.