Cloud-based project management tool.

ClickUp is a cloud-based project management tool that strikes a balance between providing the right number of features with affordability. It offers collaboration and shared functions such as task-setting, status updates and project updates which help to align workflows around the overall objectives of a project.

ClickUp is highly customisable and delivers a user experience that is easy to understand. The platform helps teams of people to manage everything in one place – chat, tasks, documents and goals. ClickUp works particularly well for teams of people who may be working remotely as it encourages real-time collaboration. This is more effective than relying on email where one person’s failure to reply to a group email can hold up a project for hours – or even days. Users can share links and files within the chat function, alongside conversations. Webpages and even videos can be shared across the chat and all attachments are grouped together for quick reference by other users.

ClickUp’s other key features include dashboards which act like a mission control centre for your team. Projects can also be arranged into specific portfolios which provide a high-level overview of workflows.

Another innovative feature is the virtual whiteboard which helps to turn ideas into coordinated actions, all within ClickUp. The virtual whiteboard is designed to bridge the gap from idea generation through to execution in an efficient workflow. Once set up, users can then add tasks, files and documents to the workflow.

ClickUp is feature packed, yet it is surprisingly affordable. To get started, users can sign up for a free plan, to try the platform out and experiment with its features. The free plan allows up to 5 users so it can work well for small businesses. If you need more users, you can sign up for a paid plan which starts from USD 5 per user, per month. You can add further packages depending on the needs of your business.

ClickUp offers free training as well as 24-hour support which is particularly helpful for new users. Security and privacy features are in line with industry standards and are constantly being updated.